What is EV Stamping?

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Metal stamping for electric vehicles (EVs) is a crucial element of the automotive industry. Metal stamping is an efficient machining process that uses stamping presses and dies to form sheet metal into various shapes. It is a common process in the automotive industry because it is highly efficient in manufacturing complex components that meet tight […]

Steel lateral plate made from laser cutting

Guide to Materials Used in Metal Stamping

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Metal stamping involves the process of forming metal into desired shapes using techniques such as punching, blanking, bending, coining, and more. Used in industries ranging from automotive to medical, construction, and more, metal stamping offers a cost-effective way of producing parts in large volumes. When choosing the best material for metal stamping, it’s important to […]

Steel Lateral Plate

Steel Alloys Used in Metal Stamping

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One of the most commonly used metals for metal stamping is steel. However, not all steel alloys are alike, and each type has its own unique qualities. Selecting a steel alloy for a metal stamping project depends on the application’s specific requirements. The most common types of steel used for metal stamping include carbon steel, […]

Sheet Metal Stamping Process

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The process of turning sheets of metal into a useful part or component is called sheet metal stamping. The metal is fed into a press, where the stamping tool, also known as a die, creates the desired shape. The die is pressed into or through the metal with tremendous force. The force used in the […]

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Radiator frame assembly

Aluminum Alloys Used in Metal Stamping

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Metal stamping is a metalworking process used to form various parts and products from sheet metal. It accommodates a wide range of materials, including aluminum. Aluminum is highly suitable for stamping operations due to its strength and workability. Stamped aluminum components find application in nearly every industry, including automotive, electronics, marine, medical, and more. Below […]


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SEYI Highlights Aranda Tooling

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SEYI, the manufacturer of many of Aranda Tooling’s stamping presses, has produced a video providing an overview of Aranda Tooling’s presses. Find out about the quality and reliability of our presses, as well as the reasons we’ve chosen SEYI presses.