Metal stamping is a cost-effective and high-speed manufacturing method that transforms metal sheets into products of different shapes using die and stamping presses. The stamping process may consist of one or more techniques such as punching, embossing, blanking, coining, bending, and flanging.

Automotive metal stamping is a popular manufacturing method for electric vehicles thanks to its ability to produce a high volume of identical, complex parts that meet tight specifications. From forming to blanking, drawing, and piercing, metal stamping is a high-precision process that helps manufacturers service the special needs of electric vehicle production.

Types of Automotive Metal Stamping Methods

During metal stamping, sheet metal (blanks) is passed through the stamping press, where the die forms a new shape. As the name of the stamping press indicates, the process requires the application of high pressure.

Metal stamping is suitable for short and long runs but varies depending on the method used. Examples of metal stamping processes include:

Progressive Die

Progressive die stamping uses a series of stamping stations. The process begins by putting metal into the stamping press. When the press moves down, the die closes and stamps the metal. Then the press moves up, and the metal progresses to the next station, where a different cut, punch, or bend operation occurs. At the final station, the fabricated part separates from the rest of the metal.

Progressive die stamping can handle multiple operations simultaneously and is repetitive, making it ideal for long runs. It’s also high-speed, which translates to high efficiency.

Compound Die

Compound dies perform a series of actions simultaneously (cuts, punches, etc.). As a result, the die produces finished components in a single pass, making it highly cost-efficient, especially for manufacturing flat parts.

Transfer Die

In transfer die stamping, the fabricated part is separated from the metal after the first operation and transferred to another stamping station for further operations. The transfer takes place through a transport system. This method allows for the execution of more complex designs than progressive stamping.

Automotive Industry Solutions

High-speed stamping solutions can endure a high number of strokes per minute, saving valuable time in the manufacturing process. At Aranda Tooling, our high-speed stamping solutions provide high-quality, dependable parts efficiently and at affordable prices, making precision stamping an ideal choice for producing high volumes of dependable parts for EVs.

Some examples of applications include:

  • Heat shields
  • Floor panels
  • Brackets
  • Seating components
  • Power Supply components
  • Cross Car Beam components
  • BIW stampings

Metal stamping is also flexible in terms of materials used. While aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel are the three most common materials, others such as brass, bronze, titanium, copper, nickel alloys, and Inconel can be utilized.


At Aranda Tooling, Inc., we have a wide range of metal stamping capabilities for electric vehicles. They include:

  • Punching – The die punches a hole in the material, creating a workpiece in the shape of the die. The cut piece becomes the scrap.
  • Blanking – Similar to punching, blanking cuts material from the metal workpiece and the die cuts the desired part out of the material, resulting in the final part.
  • Embossing – The die presses the material to create a recessed or raised design on the material.
  • Coining – Coining applies force to the material, causing it to conform to the shape of the die.
  • Bending – The die forms the metal into specific bend patterns such as V, L, etc.
  • Flanging – Flanging bends the edge of the metal workpiece to create a flange that serves as a connection point for other components.

Automotive Metal Stamping for Electric Vehicles at Aranda Tooling

At Aranda Tooling, Inc, we manufacture high-quality metal stampings for domestic and international customers. Leveraging our various capabilities, we use different types of automotive metal stampings ranging from progressive die to compound die and transfer die stamping.

If you are interested in partnering with an affordable and efficient manufacturer for high precision products, contact us or request a quote here.