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What is EV Stamping?

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Metal stamping for electric vehicles (EVs) is a crucial element of the automotive industry. Metal stamping is an efficient machining process that uses stamping presses and dies to form sheet metal into various shapes.

Metal Stamping / Fabrication Services for EV Manufacturers

It is a common process in the automotive industry because it is highly efficient in manufacturing complex components that meet tight specifications and tolerances with high levels of repeatability. Metal stamping is especially beneficial for EV components due to its ability to produce complex, lightweight parts that aid in fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions. Some of the most appealing benefits of EV stamping include material efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Advantages of Using EV Stamping

EV stamping advantages include:

  • Automation: Metal stamping is a process that can be easily automated. Automation in the EV industry reduces labor costs and the risks of injuries to personnel. With automation, you can produce large component volumes without spending a lot of investment in labor. Automation increases precision production by cutting out human error.
  • Material Efficiency: EV stamping uses sheet metal for component manufacturing. Working with sheet metal reduces waste since it can utilize the majority of the raw material to create the component.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Once the die has been designed and formed, there is no additional overhead and the dies are simple and affordable to maintain. This makes it possible to manufacture high volumes of parts in different materials while maintaining minimal costs.

EV Stamping Process

There are several different stamping processes, but the general process involves placing the raw material between the two die sections and applying pressure to form the material into the intended shape for the final product. Some of the most popular stamping methods include:

  • Progressive die-stamping: In this metal forming process, sheet metal is passed through a series of stations to progressively shape the material into the final component.
  • Compound dies: This stamping process conducts multiple actions in a single stroke. It is an affordable, highly repeatable way to produce simple components fast.
  • Transfer dies: Components are taken via the tooling process as individual units. The components are disconnected from the metal strip in the initial operation to allow for the creation of more intricate design elements.

The machinery involved in EV stamping includes:

  • Straight side presses
  • Tooling
  • A well-equipped tooling department

EV Stamping Industry Applications

Metal stamping is in the EV industry to consistently manufacture accurate and dependable precision components used in the design, manufacture, and operation of electric vehicles. EV stamping capabilities are applicable in producing components of virtually any size, including:

  • EV battery components
  • EV charging components
  • Battery trays
  • A-Frames
  • Floor panels
  • Brackets
  • Transmission components
  • BIW components
  • Seating components
  • Brake components
  • Heat shields

EV stamping uses various materials in its applications, from aluminum to carbon steel and stainless steel.

Metal stamping processes can also be applied to components in other industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Food and beverage
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Automotive

EV Stamping Vs. Other Stamping Methods

At Aranda Tooling, we provide a range of stamping methods for EVs, including progressive die, compound die, transfer die stamping, and more. As previously mentioned, progressive die stamping uses a progressive die containing multiple stamping stations that conduct progressive operations on sheet metal strips. The ability of this process to perform several forming techniques progressively makes it highly viable for high-volume production runs.

Our alternative stamping options include:

  • Fine blanking
  • Transfer
  • Compound
  • Stage tooling

Our alternative stamping options reduce labor costs and production time through high-tech automation. Our stamping solutions are ideal for reducing lead times and increasing productivity.

EV Stamping Services at Aranda Tooling

At Aranda Tooling, we provide a wide range of tooling services, from fine blanking to compound stamping. We can help you optimize your production and lead times and reduce labor costs to increase your productivity. Our solutions encourage precision and high-quality end products. Contact us to learn more or request a quote for our services and products.