From humble beginnings in 1975, Aranda Tooling, Inc., a minority-owned and ISO 9001:2015 registered company, has grown to become a premier metal stamping, laser cutting, and metal fabrication enterprise.

We employ over 300 skilled workers and highly trained management personnel worldwide. Our engineering and tooling departments, work closely with our quality department to produce complex parts that meet the most rigid specifications of our customers, and we know how to maintain these specifications through high volume production runs.

Aranda Tooling, Inc. has established solid business relationships with numerous national and international companies. Our many satisfied customers rely on us for a variety of components and we produce over 1,000,000 precision parts per week.

Serving the automotive, construction, home hardware, medical, plumbing, and renewable energy industries, among others, the highest priority of Aranda Tooling, Inc. is quality. Continuous improvement in quality is a requirement of our business and a philosophy we are committed to practicing.