Established in 1975, Aranda Tooling is an ISO 9001:2015 registered metal fabricator providing single-source manufacturing solutions for precision parts and products. We offer a broad selection of services—ranging from design assistance to full production and assembly—to help turn customer concepts into fully fledged products. Whether a customer needs laser cutting, stamping, or welding services, our experts can meet their needs with high-quality, cost-effective products in a timely manner.

One of our core service offerings is precision laser cutting.

Our Laser Cutting Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility features some of the most advanced fabrication equipment on the market—including AMADA 4000-watt laser cutters—to accommodate even the most exacting customer demands. The top-of-the-line machines provide exceptional cutting precision and speed and meet high standards for reliability and accuracy. Armed with this equipment, our team can process metal workpieces up to 60 inches wide by 120 inches long by 1 inch thick to tolerances of +/- 0.005 inches or greater.

Why Choose Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a highly versatile fabrication method that employs a high-powered laser to cut custom designs into a wide range of metals. When used for the manufacture of metal parts, it offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Low costs. The laser cutting process does not require the creation and use of custom cutting tools for each product design, which allows for significant savings in regard to long-term equipment investment for production operations. Additionally, the precision afforded by the process allows individual designs to be placed closer on the workpiece, resulting in less material waste and lower overall material usage.
  • Smooth finishes. Laser cutting produces parts with high quality edges, meaning the cut sides require little to no cleaning, treating and/or finishing work.
  • High accuracy. Our laser cutting machines employ CNC controls and software. This quality ensures greater consistency during part production from one piece to another and between different batches.
  • Quick operations. Since the laser cutting process does not employ custom tooling, the time between initial request and delivery is often significantly shorter.

While the laser cutting process provides several manufacturing benefits to industry professionals, it may not be suitable for every project. Some materials—such as particularly strong or thick metals—may require alternative fabrication methods, such as:

Our Commitment to Quality

With over four decades of industry experience, the team at Aranda Tooling fully understands the importance of quality in the manufacturing sector. For our customers’ peace of mind, we abide by strict ISO 9001:2015 and APQP certified quality control and quality assurance procedures to ensure every product we design and deliver meets high quality standards. These procedures include:

  • Subjecting all production materials to a stringent Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Manually and automatically inspecting all manufactured components for dimensional accuracy and adherence to product specifications within required tolerances
  • Verifying product quality with thorough visual inspections

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Industries Served

Our precision laser cut metal parts and components find application in a wide range of industries, including in the following:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial
  • Medical components
  • Renewable energy

Examples of Our Laser Cutting Work

As a single-source supplier of metal fabrication solutions, we aim to help customers streamline their supply chain by providing services that facilitate bringing their ideas to life. Some examples of past laser cutting projects include:

Laser Cutting of a Steel Lateral Plate

The customer approached us with a request for a lateral plate for use in an alternative energy application. The part specifications required the use of grade 50 ASTM A572 steel and dimensions of 270 mm (length) by 210 mm (width) by 15.9 mm (thickness) to tolerances of + 0.050 mm/- 0.000 mm. Our AMADA 4000-watt laser cutter allowed us to easily meet these requirements. For more information about this project, visit the case study page.

Laser Cutting of a Pre-Production Steel Tube Plate

For this project, the customer requested a stamped custom component within a short period of time. In the interest of meeting the pre-production deadline, the customer agreed to laser cutting rather than stamping for the initial batch of 55,000. We were able to produce the laser cut components well within the required tolerance in the specified time. The remainder of the parts were produced later with our 800-ton stamping press. For more information about this project, visit the case study page.

Laser Cutting Solutions From Aranda Tooling

At Aranda Tooling, we offer full-service metal fabrication solutions, including precision laser cutting services. From initial design to fabrication to final assembly, our expert team has the skills and knowledge to help with every aspect of production. For more information about our laser cutting or other capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.


Laser Cutting Capabilities

Fabrication Method

Laser Cutting


AMADA 4000-watt laser cutters


Low and High Carbon Steel
Nickel Alloys

Raw Material Forms

Bar Stock

Material Thickness

Up to 1 in


Up to 120 in


Up to 60 in

Tolerance (+/-)

.005 in or tighter

Additional Services Provided

Heat Treating
Powder Coating

Quality Assurance

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Air Gauging

Production Volume

Small Quantities to High Volume Production Runs

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Renewable Energy
Home Improvement

Intended Applications

Paint Pans
Braking Systems
Sporting Goods
Door Lock
Infrastructure Supports

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2015

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